Large Hall

The large hall measures 22m x 9m and has sufficient height for games such as badminton to be played. We recommended that the Hall can seat 120 people comfortably – but this can reduce if a space is cleared for dancing or tables are added

A sprung wooden floor and large glass mirrors mean it is suitable for a variety of dance classes.

It is neutrally decorated which will enable each event to incorporate their own colour schemes when decorating the room for major functions. The room has an efficient heating system and is available to hire with the use of the kitchen next door.

It has large doors that open onto paving and look over the recreation field which is owned and operated by MSDC. If the field is wished to be used permission will be required from MSDC.

Small Hall

This smaller hall measures 10m x 4m and is much more suitable for smaller functions or gatherings. It has the benefit of basic kitchen facilities. The regular user of this hall is the Playgroup and it should be noted that one or two playgroup items may remain stored at one end of this room. The hall is decorated in a way to inspire and interest young children.

We recommend that this hall seats 30 people comfortably.


This room measures 4 x 3.5m and is an ideal space to hold meetings, presentations and teaching. There is a desk with chairs to seat 8 comfortably.


The foyer is the entrance area and extends to a fully equipped kitchen.
It is used as a community Café from 10am to 4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They offer an eat-in or takeaway service. It serves delicious tea/coffee, breakfasts, lunches, etc. The seating area has been designed in a way to create a modern, comfortable environment. This area can seat around 25 people


Sport changing rooms

The changing rooms and showering facilities are primarily for the users of the recreational ground including the village football side, however they can be used by others groups.